Streamline Distribution With Relay Collections™

Share content with partners, affiliates or the open web.
Ads and analytics always work.
Fully responsive; works on desktop and mobile sites.

Relay Collections™ allows any AMP-enabled publisher to share content in a format that’s as simple as a social embed. Links in a Collection will launch Relay Media’s AMP Viewer, providing a seamless experience that doesn’t force embedding publishers to send users away – while content owners retain all of the monetization and measurement capabilities of their AMP pages. Collections can be used as a simple syndication solution for affiliates and partners – or made available to the entire web with blacklist controls. (Feature List and Live Demo.)

Monetize External Linking with Relay Links™

Surface external content in a fast, seamless user experience.
Earn revenue from the engagement you drive.
Fully responsive; works on desktop and mobile sites.

When installed on a publisher’s standard website, Relay Links™ automatically detects the AMP version of a linked article and displays it in Relay Media’s AMP Viewer, overlaying the linking page. The user can easily close the Viewer to continue his or her session – or browse more related articles from the linking publisher and external sources. An optional Collection showcasing the links from the page can drive additional engagement and revenue. Relay monetizes the AMP Viewer and pays publishers for the engagement they drive. (Live Demo.)

Get AMP-ed with Relay AMP Conversion

Focus on monetization, measurement and engagement.
Light integration – Relay does all of the work.
Simple business model, no term commitment.

Relay Media generates high-fidelity AMP versions of standard web pages, with support for publisher styles, analytics, ads and paywalls.  We provide https hosting as required for AMP, and ensure format validation for inclusion in Google search results.  We also support feeds for Google’s new real-time index for breaking news and other live events. Relay’s AMP conversion is far more robust than a basic AMP translator and more cost-effective than internal or third-party custom development. (More Info.)