AMP Conversion

No Basic AMPs!

Checking the box with AMP is relatively easy, but a bare-bones implementation misses the point.  Your AMPs should be as rich and engaging as your standard mobile pages – only faster!

Here are some key features of our platform; think of this as a requirements checklist for any AMP solution you’re considering.


WORKS WITH ANY WEBSITE/CMS: We scrape and normalize content with no effort or feeds from the publisher; our technology works with content created by any publishing platform.

DYNAMIC AMP GENERATION: When a new article is published Relay Media generates an AMP version, typically in less than a second. For previously published articles, the AMP version is generated on the fly when a user or crawler requests the page.

PRE-CACHING FOR EVEN FASTER PAGE LOAD: AMP is about speed; by pre-rendering and caching AMP pages as soon as an article is published, we ensure that users and crawlers (e.g. Google) see the fastest possible page load time.

CONTENT UPDATES: Timeliness is essential to publishers and users. We continually update AMP pages to reflect changes to the original article, including content withdrawal and expiration.

 DYNAMIC CACHE ADJUSTMENT FOR BREAKING/VIRAL NEWS: Our system automatically tunes our cache settings as stories get more traffic, refreshing our cache and the AMP CDN cache as frequently as every 60 seconds to when viral and breaking news stories are being updated.  We also provide publishers the ability to instantly update an AMP article in emergency situations.

HTTPS PROXY HOSTING: All elements in an AMP page (including text, ads, images and video) must be able to be served as HTTPS, a secure protocol which most publishers have not yet adopted. We provide HTTPS proxy hosting for non-HTTPS elements.

GOOGLE AMP VALIDATION AND MONITORING: AMP code must pass Google validation in order to be delivered in search results. This can be a moving target as Google refines its validation requirements, and as publishers inadvertently impact validation by changing their pages.  We ensure each publisher’s AMP template passes validation at launch and we use automated monitoring to catch any validation issues that crop up.

GRACEFUL FALLBACK TO STANDARD ARTICLE: If a particular AMP article on Relay Media’s CDN is unavailable or can’t be rendered for any reason, Relay will transparently redirect the user to the standard version of the article on the publisher’s website.

LINK TO STANDARD ARTICLE: Relay Media AMP articles include a canonical reference tag linking to the standard version on the publisher’s website, as well as a user-facing link to view the standard version.

AMP Content and Display

PUBLISHER STYLES AND BRANDING: We replicate publisher styles, fonts and article layout for continuity of brand and user experience.

 SITE NAVIGATION: We replicate the publisher’s mobile “hamburger” navigation on the AMP page.

IMAGES AND GALLERIES: Our platform handles publisher images with copyrights and captions, and most image galleries.

SOCIAL EMBEDS AND SOCIAL SHARING: Our platform handles in-article embeds from common social platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps, Imgur) and we’re building more as we encounter them.  We can automatically add social sharing buttons with the the canonical article link.

VIDEO: AMP supports video, but integration can be a challenge for publishers without https-capable players and content, especially when ads and closed caption requirements are thrown into the mix. We put in the extra effort to make video players work.

‘MORE STORIES’ (aka INTERNAL LINK CIRCULATION): An AMP article should never be a dead end. We include each publisher’s internal link circulation elements (e.g. “More Stories” and “Latest Headlines”).

Advertising and Analytics

OPTIMIZED AD PLACEMENTS WITH DYNAMIC IN-ARTICLE INSERTION: Most ad servers and leading ad technology vendors are embracing AMP. We integrate publisher-provided ad tags for display and VAST video ads.

THIRD PARTY REVENUE PARTNERS: Our platform handles AMP-compliant integrations with link circulation partners (e.g. Outbrain, Taboola, etc.), outstream video (e.g. Teads), native products (e.g. Nativo), etc.

PUBLISHER ANALYTICS INTEGRATION: Most analytics companies work with AMP, including Google Analytics, Chartbeat, and comScore. We integrate any and all AMP-compliant publisher-provided analytics tags.

Simple Publisher Setup

Here’s the best part: Aside from providing us with ad tags and analytics tags, publishers simply place an HTML header tag on article page templates – and we handle the rest.

to get started.