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United Airlines Skewered Online As Stock Value Rebounds

April 12, 2017

NEW YORK – The consequences of Monday’s forceful removal of a passenger from a United Airlines plane continue to rain down on the airline in the form of public backlash, accusations of racism and stinging internet memes.  

While CEO Oscar Munez struggled through three attempts to strike the right tone in his public statements, United Airlines was being skewered on Twitter and roasted by late night comedians such as Jimmy Kimmel.  Some customers posted online photos and video of themselves cutting up their United Airlines branded credit cards.

Meanwhile in Asia the incident is being viewed as an example of discrimination against Asians, prompting calls for a boycott in Vietnam, criticism from Chinese state-run media, and public outrage on social media.

Despite the widespread outrage, the PR maelstrom may not affect the company’s bottom line; after a 1% stock drop Tuesday, shares of United Continental Holdings opened Wednesday .15% above Monday’s close.

The Washington Post suggests the long-term business impact may be inconsequential, as consumer fury tends to die down quickly after corporate scandals – and many United Airlines customers have limited airline choices.

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