Relay Collections

About Relay Collections™

Relay Collections™ allows any AMP-enabled publisher to share content in a format that’s as simple as a social embed. Links in a Collection will launch Relay Media’s AMP Viewer, providing a seamless experience that doesn’t force embedding publishers to send users away – while content owners retain all of the monetization and measurement capabilities of their AMP pages. Collections can be used as a simple syndication solution for affiliates and partners – or made available to the entire web with blacklist controls.  Contact for more information or to test drive the product!

Relay Collections™ Features

 Easy to Build. Powered by RSS feeds or by links on a topic page on your website.

 Easy to Embed. Install on a page template or paste into individual articles.

 Dynamic Updating. Refreshes with the source content.

Sharing Controls. Public embed code with blacklist controls, partners only, or internal circulation.

 Fast, Seamless User Experience. Links open in Relay’s AMP Viewer, which overlays the linking page without sending users away.

 Works Everywhere. Fully responsive and works with common browsers except IE which does not support AMP. 

 Built-In Revenue. Your ads and paywalls persist wherever your Collections are used.

 Built-In Measurement. Your analytics persist wherever your Collections are used.

 New Premium Ad Inventory. Every Collection has a native ad position and the Viewer has a display ad position. There are different models for selling and sharing this inventory – let’s talk!

 Unlimited Use Cases. 

  • Internal content circulation.
  • Sharing with partners and affiliates.
  • Sharing with bloggers and other websites in your affinity group.
  • Broad distribution of special coverage – including major news stories, columns, sports teams, etc.

 Example Collections.

Here’s an example Collection we generated to show how easily we can build Collections for any AMP-enabled publisher.  

And here’s a Collection of AMP news!