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Relay Media Now Supports Publisher AMP Domains

Upgrading is easy and free!

AMP Logo In Carousel

AMP Logo Tips

Your AMP logo is important! Don’t let it be an afterthought.

Hurricane Matthew

When Speed Matters Most: AMP in a Hurricane

On most days a fast, light mobile page is a convenience. During a disaster it’s essential.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

AMP Conversion: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Lessons learned while building a high-fidelity AMP converter for a wide range of publishers.

Question Marks

Accelerated Mobile Pages FAQ

An essential, not-too-technical primer.

An Inside View of AMP’s Search Impact

As Google prepares to expand AMP links in search results, here’s a look at what AMP-enabled publishers are seeing today.

What’s Going On With AMP Analytics?

AMP is designed to drive engagement, but your analytics tools might be telling a different story. Don’t panic; read this.

Google Analytics and AMP

Here’s a summary of how Google Analytics registers certain common metrics for AMP content.

AMP Project Infographic

Google Shares AMP Ad Performance, Roadmap

With last week’s publication of the official AMP roadmap and this week’s first broad look at advertising performance on AMP...

Relay AMP Articles for The Daily Dot

Relay Media Announces AMP Platform for Publishers

San Francisco Startup Offers Publishers an Effortless On-Ramp to Accelerated Mobile Pages Relay Media, Inc., a digital content platform developed...