Spread the Carousel Love

Any publishers hesitant about AMP should consider the opportunity they’re missing.  There’s essentially no risk in publishing AMP articles, and much to gain in terms of search prominence and learning.

Less than two weeks after the debut of Google’s AMP search results carousel, a group of “usual suspects” dominates the field.  These are the leading national and global news brands at the front of the AMP development effort, as well as some lesser-known publishers enjoying a first-mover benefit.

On Saturday night shortly after the Louisiana Democratic and Republican primaries were declared, a mobile Google search for “Louisiana Primary” delivered this AMP carousel:

Louisiana Primary Carousel







Absent from the carousel are local sources such as NOLA.com (the Times-Picayune) and The Baton Rouge Advocate.  Neither is publishing AMP articles.  Both sources have text links in search results, but are ineligible for the carousel showcase.  (Inexplicably, major national publishers which are producing AMP files – such as The New York Times – are left out of this carousel as well.)

A search for “Flint Water” returns an eclectic collection of sources, including two appearances by Russia Today.  Several leading news brands are also in the carousel – but once again, no local sources.

Flint Water Carousel

In these early days of AMP, some imbalances and adjustments are to be expected.  As more publishers come on board, the carousel should quickly evolve to reflect relevance as well as speed.  For any individual publisher, this is an opportunity to get in the game early, stand out for delivering a better mobile experience, and enjoy some of that carousel love.

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